Corporate Identity #2: Poster Designs

Back in Malaysia where I’ve attended my diploma course, one of my Corporate Identity’s briefs was to design a series of posters that portray the SIngle Minded Proposition (SMP),in which my case, it’s “Embracing Conversation”. The main purpose is to celebrate the 50 Years of Diplomatic Relationship between Malaysia and Switzerland. Using the speech bubble as my main graphic element, below are a series of posters that I’ve designed.






Corporate Identity : Celebrating 50 Years of Diplomatic Relations, Malaysia and Switzerland

The concept of my logo is actually based on the idea of my SMP. The conversation box you send a text to the person on your iphone brings out the communication between one and another. Therefore, with this idea I come out a form for this logo that is connecting to one box to another to show my SMP Embacing Conversation. The colours I have choose is red and blue to represent elegant, confidence, Passion.